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Debian based projects
Debart Project
    Open source Debian GNU/Linux graphics project.
Debian Extra CD Project (DECP)
    Offline system with some of the newest Debian packages
Debian Junior Project
    Customize Debian OS for children
Debian GNU/Linux Security Audit Project
    Auditing system for Debian OS
Debian Rough Audit Project
    A list of reports of rough audits of the source code and other material in the Debian project.
Debian IPv6 Project
    IPv6 support for Debian
Debian Desktop Project
    Debian OS support for home and corporate workstation use.
Debian Lex Project
    Improve Debian OS for legal offices use.
Debian Non-Profit Project
    Improve Debian OS to use it in small non-profit organizations.
Debian GNU/Linux i586 Project
    Project to create a optimized Debian GNU/Linux distribution for i586.
Debian Package Tags System Project
    Multiple tags for Debain packages.
Alioth G-Forge (SourceForge for Debian)
    Free service for Debian open source developers.
Debian Hardened
    Debian GNU/Linux with high security & hardening features.
    A set of themes for the Debian desktop.
    Debian Cluster Components
Debian Teams
    List hosting for all Debian projects

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