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Cheap Threads
    Portable cooperative multitasking with prioritized scheduling.
    Class-based kernel resource management.
CPU Scheduler Evaluation
    Linux CPU scheduler evaluation project
Genetic Library
    Linux kernel autotuning genetic library.
IBM pthreads
    Next generation POSIX threading project.
LatSched Linux Kernel
    LatSched Linux kernel project.
Linux O(1) scheduler
    High performance scheduler for Linux kernel.
Linux O(1) scheduler patches
    Linux O(1) scheduler patche set.
Low-latency preemptible kernel
    Low-latency preemptible Linux kernel project.
    Open distributed lock manager.
POSIX 1003.1b Timer
    Linux POSIX 1003.1b timer project.
Preemptible kernel
    Preemptible Linux kernel project.
Real Time Scheduler
    Real time scheduler project.
RT scheduler(s)
    Realtime scheduler(s) internals and etc.
    Solaris-compatible thread library.

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